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The Science of God

3D God's Eye Nebula by Bryan Brandenburg

The Science of God

God is the Light

Most religions agree that God is the Light, but they often fail to realize that the Sun produces over 99% of the light for our Solar System. They also often lack the understanding of Quantum Physics to conclude that Photons of light are carriers of intelligence, just like a radio transmitter frequency modulates (FM) music onto a carrier wave known as a channel.The Quarks of sub-atomic particles bound together with gluons comprise a sophisticated transmitter and receiver of intelligence that goes beyond the scope of point charges. While it is true that collisions of sub-atomic particles predictably result in pre-determined outcomes that can be expressed as Feynman Diagrams, the variable is the intelligence encoded on these very high frequency carriers.


This is the Intelligence of God. Every atom in the Universe emits photons that contain intelligence. But based on atomic half-lives, exposure to other sub-atomic particles and a variety of chemical and biochemical circumstances, each atom varies in its production of light. Even humans emit light, in fact, almost 50% of the calories consumed every day, result in the production of photons and other forms of radiation. We literally transmit intelligence spatially to everything around us.

Light Exists in a Timeless Ominpotent Space

Albert EinsteinLight exhibits unique properties dictated by Einstein’s proven Theory of Relativity. The results of the Lorentz Transforms conclude that light has Energy and Mass that approach infinity, relative to objects around it and that its volume and time approach zero. When examining these particles of intelligence under the scrutiny of Relativity and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, it becomes more clear the dynamic and intelligent nature of these “point particles”, that are in reality, sophisticated worlds that man can barely conceive, less alone observe or measure.

The Balance of Free Will and Destiny

Cosmic Background Radiation is “God’s Will”, if you may. CBR is the blueprint of this universe, which is merely a grain of sand in the sea of universes. The Universe is a fractal express of Energy and Intelligence. You could view CBR as a grand orchestra containing instruments that are orchestras containing instruments that are orchestras, and so on. Free will is just the organism, such as humans, or galaxies or microbes playing their “instrument” that is their physical vessel. Everyone has observed the same instrument, playing music that delights and music that sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard. Furthermore, an instrument that alone plays beautiful music but is out of sync with the rest of the orchestra, stresses the orchestra, and has an impact on the rest of the orchestra, disproportionate to its relative importance as a single instrument and is frequently referred to as the Butterfly Effect in Chaos Theory.

What is Not Energy?

Last but not least, all forces of nature, electromagnetism, the strong interaction, the weak interaction and gravity can be expressed as electromagnetic energy as defined by Supersymmetry.