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Categories: 3D Animation, Physiology, Skeletal System
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3D Skull Model by Bryan Brandenburg
An endoskeleton is an internal support structure of an human and allows the body to move and gives the body structure and shape. Read more

Premonition and Time Travel

Categories: Energy, Longevity, Physics, Quantum Physics, Time Travel
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Time Travel and Premonition
According to its definition, a premonition is a foretelling of the future. Dreams are often premonitions of the subconscious. Read more

International Space Station

Categories: 3D Software, 3D Unity, Exploration, Solar System
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International Space Station
The International Space Station (ISS) is a manned research space facility that is being assembled in orbit around the Earth. Read more

Colonization of the Moon

Categories: Astronomy, Exploration, Solar System, Space
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Colonization of the Moon by Bryan Brandenburg
As technology has advanced and concerns about the future of humanity on Earth have increased, the argument that space colonization is an achievable and worthwhile goal has gained momentum. Read more

Human Brain

Categories: 3D Animation, Nervous System, Physiology
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3D Brain by Bryan Brandenburg
In animals, the brain, or encephalon (Greek for "in the head"), is the control center of the central nervous system. Read more

Earth and Moon

Categories: 3D Animation, Astronomy, Earth History, Solar System
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3D Earth and Moon by Bryan Brandenburg
Earth, (often referred to as the Earth, Terra, or Planet Earth) is the third planet in the solar system in terms of distance from the Sun, and the fifth largest. Read more