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FanX’s Bryan Brandenburg Unveils ‘Zenerchi’ That Aims to Change the Way In Which We Visualize Human Physiology

Bryan Brandenburg Zenerchi

Known for his impressive work alongside FanX Salt Lake’s Dan Farr, co-founder Bryan Brandenburg is turning his superhero-like mind towards ‘Zenerchi,’ a project that has been in the works for decades, going back to his years and involvement in the biotech industry, long before the 2013 birth of FanX. Read the article on

“…the human body, along with everything else in the universe, is the most beautiful, elegant creation by far. We think we’re smart by designing skyscrapers and Tesla’s and solar panels but compared to the elegance of the universe and the human body, we’re light years away from that kind of design. What we’re doing is creating access that makes it possible to simulate and visualize the elegance and beauty of the human body in a way that has never been done before.”

Bryan Brandenburg, CEO and Founder Zenerchi