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Buzz Aldrin Dinner

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Buzz Aldrin Bryan Brandenburg Gary Herbert
Dr. Buzz Aldrin and Governor Gary Herbert Dinner Read more

Utah State Attorney General Sean Reyes Declaration

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BryanBrandenburg Sean Reyes Dan Farr
Bryan Brandenburg and Dan Farr honored by Utah State Attorney General Sean Reyes Read more

Salt Lake Comic Con honored by Utah Attorney General

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Salt Lake Comic Con Bryan Brandenburg Sean Reyes

Salt Lake Comic Con was honored by Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes and the Utah State Senate with a declaration for March 10 as Fighting Crime with Salt Lake Comic Con Day in Utah. See the full photo album here.

Favorite Milton Friedman Quotes

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Milton Friedman Favorite Quotes
Milton Friedman (31 July 1912 - 16 November 2006) was an American economist noted for his support for free markets and a reduction in the size of government. In 1976 he was awarded Nobel Prize in Economics. Read more


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3D Astronaut by Bryan Brandenburg
An astronaut is a person who travels into space, or who makes a career of doing so. In the United States, people who travel above an altitude of 80 kilometres (50 miles) are designated as astronauts. Read more

Human Rise of Civilization

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Human Migration Map Relative to Last Ice Age - Rise of Human Civilization
Humans originated in Africa about 200,000 years ago, but now they inhabit every continent, with a total population of over 7 billion as of 2013. Read more