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Cosmic Connection

Categories: 3D Art, Fantasy, Quantum Physics, Time Travel
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Cosic Connection by Bryan Brandenburg
Cosmic Connection - 3D Digital Painting / Mixed Media with Post Read more

Time Travel and Premonition
According to its definition, a premonition is a foretelling of the future. Dreams are often premonitions of the subconscious. Read more

Fundamental Particles by Bryan Brandenburg
A fundamental interaction is a mechanism by which particles interact with each other, and which cannot be explained by another more fundamental interaction. Every observed physical phenomenon, from galaxies colliding with each other to quarks vibrating inside a proton, can thus be explained by these interactions. Read more

3D Torus by Bryan Brandenburg
In geometry, a torus (pl. tori) is a surface of revolution generated by revolving a circle in three dimensional space about an axis coplanar with the circle... Read more

3D God's Eye Nebula by Bryan Brandenburg
Most religions agree that God is the Light, but they often fail to realize that the Sun produces over 99% of the light for our Solar System. Read more

3D Quark Particle Simulation

Categories: 3D Software, Quantum Physics
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3D Quark Particle Simulation by Bryan Brandenburg

This Applet is a playful simulation to create beautiful simulated quarks.

Click Screen, Drag and Move, Release, Click again.