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Fundamental Interaction

Categories: Atomic Physics, Cosmology, Physics, Quantum Physics, Time Travel
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Fundamental Particles by Bryan Brandenburg
A fundamental interaction is a mechanism by which particles interact with each other, and which cannot be explained by another more fundamental interaction. Every observed physical phenomenon, from galaxies colliding with each other to quarks vibrating inside a proton, can thus be explained by these interactions. Read more

The Science of God

Categories: Atomic Physics, Cosmology, Energy, Quantum Physics, Time Travel
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3D God's Eye Nebula by Bryan Brandenburg
Most religions agree that God is the Light, but they often fail to realize that the Sun produces over 99% of the light for our Solar System. Read more

Carbon 6 Atom

Categories: Atomic Physics, Chemistry, Nanotechnology
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Carbon 6 Atom by Bryan Brandenburg
Carbon occurs in all organic life and is the basis of organic chemistry. This nonmetal also has the interesting chemical property of being able to bond with itself and a wide variety of other elements, forming nearly ten million known compounds. Read more