Musings of a Renaissance Man

Buzz Aldrin Dinner

Buzz Aldrin Bryan Brandenburg Gary Herbert

Dr. Buzz Aldrin and Governor Gary Herbert Dinner

A dinner was arranged at the Grand America Hotel with Dr. Buzz Aldrin Governor Gary Herbert, Jeanette Herbert, U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch and his Chief of Staff Rob Porter (current White House Staff Secratary), U.S. Senator Jake Garn and his wife Kathleen Garn, ABC 4 Utah General Manager Richard Doutre Jones, Four Star General Robert Oaks and his wife Gloria Oaks, Buzz Aldrin and his mission director Christina Korp, Dan Farr, Stephanie Breur Farr, Bryan Brandenburg, Jamie Brandenburg, Ronald L Fox who arranged everything. John Farr took this photo and many others. Our guest Dr. Buzz Aldrin was impressed with Utah’s hospitality, from beginning to end.