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Bryan Brandenburg on ABC4 News talk

Bryan Brandenburg's Zenerchi


Bryan Brandenburg on ABC4 Utah – Good4Utah news talking about new company #Zenerchi

Bryan Brandenburg launches new startup company Zenerchi. AI/VR/AR/3D and IoT technologies have come full circle with the formal launch of life extension and biomedical simulation and visualization AI company Zenerchi™ ( Zenerchi is the long-anticipated “stealth startup” endeavor from serial entrepreneur and computer scientist Bryan Brandenburg, who serves as the company’s Chief Science Officer, Co-Founder and CEO.

After several years in development, Zenerchi has raised $1.2 million in seed funding this year from private accredited investors. The company is finalizing an additional $5 million funding round that is currently underway with institutional investors.

The funding will further accelerate a new realm of consumer and business applications centered on Zenerchi’s physiology SimViz AI cloud-based platform. The resulting technology will empower a host of wellness and medical uses that span biomedical and pharmaceutical research, life extension, fitness, wellness, edutainment, exhibitions, and S.T.E.M / S.T.E.A.M education, as well as spawning new advances in medical diagnosis, drug testing, omics, and healthcare. Combined, the industries affected comprise a global economic value of more than $10 trillion.