Musings of a Renaissance Man

3D Quark Particle Simulation

3D Quark Particle Simulation by Bryan Brandenburg

3D Quark Particle Simulation

This Applet is a playful simulation to create beautiful simulated quarks.

Click Screen, Drag and Move, Release, Click again.

3D Molecule View by Bryan Brandenburg

3D Molecule Viewer

Click Mouse in Scene and Move to Rotate Molecule. ‘t’ turns transparency ON and OFF. SPACEBAR changes current Molecule.
Use UP and DOWN arrow to Change Atom Size. Use LEFT and RIGHT arrow to Change Bond Size.

Carbon 6 Atom by Bryan Brandenburg

Carbon 6 Atom

Carbon occurs in all organic life and is the basis of organic chemistry. This nonmetal also has the interesting chemical property of being able to bond with itself and a wide variety of other elements, forming nearly ten million known compounds. Read more

3D Neuron Field by Bryan Brandenburg


The brain is composed of two broad classes of cells, neurons and glia, both of which contain several different cell types which perform different functions. Read more

Gulf War Syndrome

Gulf War Syndrome

In November of 2008, the Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses presented a 450 page report to Secretary of Veterans Affairs James Peake. Read more

Lionessess by Bryan Brandenburg


"Lionesses" by Bryan Brandenburg (3D Mixed Media) Read more