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Bryan Brandenburg Portrait

Bryan Brandenburg Portrait

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Bryan Brandenburg is a technology executive, artist and research scientist specializing in games, high-performance graphics, simulations and physics. His areas of research are primarily focused on 3D visualization, relativity, energy  and the wellness of the human race. He has also published 7 books as well has been a contributor to almost 30 software programs both for consumers and business.

Computer Games

World Class Leader BoardBrandenburg was a pioneer in computer games. He published his first product with Synapse Software in 1982 on the Commodore 64, a 3D space shooter called Sentinel. From there he went on to co-found Sculptured Software and was it’s President until 1986.  The company became one of the largest game developers in the country and was acquired by Acclaim Entertainment.

He was the lead designer or programmer on a number of successful titles including, Beach Head Apple II (Access Software), Ninja PC (Virgin Interactive), Crime Wave PC (Access Software) and World Class Leader Board (Amiga).

Disney's A Bug's Life Active PlayIn 1994 he co-founded another computer game company, Software Arts International and was it’s CEO. The company developed one of the first multiplayer games which was licensed by IBM multimedia. In 1996 the company was acquired by Engineering Animation (EAII), where Brandenburg became Executive Producer and Sr. Director of Business Development for EAI Interactive.

He headed the Salt Lake City studio that became the primary location for EAI Interactive’s activities and successfully secured contracts and managed development for major entertainment companies including Disney (A Bug’s Life), Hasbro Interactive (Clue and Outburst),  Sierra Online (Field &S Stream: Trophy Buck) and Dreamworks (Small Soldiers: Globotech Design Lab). In two years he helped grow the division to almost 100 employees and $10 million in revenues becoming the largest independent game developer in the country.

Computer Security and Utilities

Norton AntiVirus 2002 by SymantecLondon Metropolitan PoliceFrom 1990 to 1994 Brandenburg was an executive at Symantec Corp. During this period he managed external development and acquisitions for security and utility products at the Peter Norton Group including; Norton AntiVirus, Norton Utilities, Norton Backup, Norton Desktop for Windows.

Additionally Brandenburg was a computer security liaison with civil computer crime organizations including New Scotland Yard,  the Dutch Cyber Crime Unit and the University of Hamburg Virus Research Center.

3D Visualization

Bryce 5 by DAZ 3D
3D Male Anatomy by ZygoteBrandenburg was the Chief Profit Officer of DAZ 3D from 2002-2004 and helped drive development, branding and marketing for DAZ Studio, Bryce 3D and a 3D content library of thousands of products including new versions of Victoria, Michael and Aiko. During this period revenues more than doubled and income increased almost four times.

In 2005, he was recruited to become the CEO of Zygote Media Group.  He led the company to expansion increasing revenues by 400% in the first year and increasing income dramatically.

He brought Kai Krause on as an adviser and oversaw the creation and launch of, Human Anatomy 2.0Human Heart 3.0 and 3D Female Anatomy 3.0. He also was instrumental in creating free access to medical clip art to educators and students and released Open Source 3D Human Models. Additionally Brandenburg built a team to produce a series of models for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

In 2006, he formed Pure Zenergy, Inc. The company had created a variety of 3d visualization products including a 3D Solar System. International Space Station and the Oval Office. The company additionally produced much of the new 3D content for E Frontier’s Poser 7.0. During this period he also wrote and published a book for creative professionals, Become a 3D Art Professional

In 2013, Brandenburg co-founded Salt Lake Comic Con with Dan Farr. It became the most attended convention of any kind of Utah.

Currently, Brandenburg is the Chief Science Officer of Zenerchi. The company is in stealth mode, preparing to launch in late 2020. Bryan Brandenburg officially launched the biotech company in October of 2019.

Outdoors Content

utah-outdoors-collageRocky Mountain Fly FishingBryan Brandenburg, as CEO and publisher of Amazing Outdoors published five books (Rocky Mountain Fly Fishing, Utah Camping Guide, Utah Fishing Guide, Utah Boating Guide and 30 Days to Better Fly Casting).

Additionally he was publisher of a monthly magazine (Utah Outdoors magazine) and developed a weekly outdoors television show and a CMS based website with over 10,000 pages of outdoors related content. It became one of  the largest outdoor websites in the country.

As CEO, he recruited two-time MVP Karl Malone as spokesperson for the company and produced television shows with Malone as host. In 2001, Amazing Outdoors was merged with a privately held company.

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